Civil War Battlefields

The men are gone now, the last of them died off many decades ago. The battlefields themselves show the changes of time, it is a rare place that looks much as it did over 140 years ago. Still, when our imaginations gaze upon the land where these men lived fought and died, they live again in our hearts and souls, not just random numbers in casualty lists, but real flesh and blood men and women

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  • a) Battery Dantzler
  • b) Southside (Virginia) Artillery, Captain J. W. Drewry
  • c) Johnston (Virginia) Artillery, Captain B. J. Epes
  • d) Major F. W. Smith (Drewry's Bluff.)
  • e) Neblett (Virginia) Artillery, Captain W. G. Colema.
  • f) United (Virginia) Artillery, Captain Thomas Kevill