Colonel Upton's Assault

Attack on the Mule Shoe Salient, May 10, 1864, Spotsylvania

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Emory Upton

Colonel Emory Upton received permission to lead an assault on a flank of the Mule Shoe, and at 6:00 p.m. he led his hand-picked 12 regiments across a wooded ravine, following an old road that the defending Confederates had considered impassible terrain for organized assaults.

Woods road used by Upton and his troops

This road leads from the Union lines, through a wooded ravine that separated the lines, and that the confederate line apparently had not screened properly with pickets, since they considered a charge could not come from this direction.

The actual route of the road Upton and his men followed, through a ravine that would look about the same then as it does now.  Keep an eye out for deer!

The road on the other side of the ravine begins to climb slowly, then rises up rapidly to the edge of the woods.

At the edge of the wooded ravine, this monument marks where Colonel Upton and his 5,000 men rushed out of the trees and across a few hundred feet of open space, and over the Confederate defense works.

Click here for the larger picture.

This is a close-up of the monument, commemorating the units that attacked with Upton on ones side, and the Confederate defenders on the other.  At the top of the ridge just past the monument were the earthworks they stormed rapidly across.

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